System Features

Our system  features.


  • Working with Travel agencies (B2B).
  • Easy and safe to use for booking.
  • Available to cover all your inquiries for 24/7.
  • Best prices for Hotel and reservations, where you can save your money.
  • Choosing the currency you want.
  • Ability to book your fully services through our website.
  • Our system holds more than a million hotel and residences with more than 33,300 destinations and 300 air carries with 3,300 destinations too.
  • Under our terms and conditions, adopting new agencies around the world is always our pleasure.
  • For our agents could easily control from their own account for all the details of any cancellations, reservations and refunds.
  • More than one payment methods are available on all services. Once choosing the suitable option you can pay through credit cards or PayPal.
  • Agencies will be able to use the system on behalf of them, with the agency’s logo design and control interface shall be managed through their fully staff.